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About our bullets

Bear Creek Supply bullets (BCS) undergo a very unique coating application process that allows lead bullets to perform to their full potential. This coating is a strong, high-temperature polymer containing a mix of proprietary lubricants that is permanently bonded to the bullet and is not a simple tumble-on dry powder coating like that which is utilized for jacketed rifle bullet use. Because of the unique properties that makeup our coating, BCS bullets have the lowest bullet-to-bore friction of any projectiles available on the market today. This coating creates a hard shell that is chemically and physically bonded to the bullet and because of this, lead never touches the bore, it gets rid of human contact with lead during the loading process, and it eliminates leading in the barrel of the gun so the need for bore cleaning is practically gone.

Our customers have fired thousands of  rounds through various guns without ever cleaning the bore, or needing to. When you use our bullets and the right load combination, you'll be surprised at how clean the bore stays. Run a dry patch or two through it after use and you might never need to do anything else. You can brush the bore with a brass brush, but this is usually unnecessary.


For these reasons, one of the biggest advantages of using BCS bullets is cleanliness. Clean to handle, clean to load, clean to use. The small amount of black you get on your fingers is harmless, and this molybdenum-disulfide washes off easily and is a good reminder that using BCS bullets will keep everything else clean.  

Another advantage of  BCS coated bullets is lack of wear on the barrel. Jacketed bullets will eventually wear out a barrel. It is common for competitive shooters to realize accuracy loss at around 10,000 rounds of jacketed ammo and barrel replacement by 30,000 rnds. Lead bullets, coated or uncoated, will never wear out a barrel. 

About 1990, we recognized the great desire that many other handloaders had to load ammunition for obsolete cartridges. We shared that desire and we shared the frustration of not being able to find bullets to load in such rounds. We bought out a retiring bullet maker. Subsequently, using his equipment and coating process, and by adding an array of new and unique equipment, we have been able to offer a wide selection of bullets for such cartridges. We understand the importance of sticking with original designs, nose shapes and diameters, in order to work well in old guns. We have been very creative with our product line and have added many unique bullet designs.  As time permits, we keep expanding the BCS line to cover more and more applications. If you don't see what you need, call us with a request (209)-874-4322. 

We hope that you'll find a Bear Creek bullet that you can enjoy using.


The folks at Bear Creek

Our Coating

Unique Bear Creek moly coating

The coating is a skin that is permanently bonded to the bullet and prevents lead exposure when handling.  As demonstrated here, the lead can be melted out of the skin. When applied, the coating adds about .00075" dimension to the diameter and is subsequently sized to proper diameter.


We are familiar with other companies that claim the same thing.  They copied us. We've been doing this since 1991.  

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