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41 Colt

Original style. When Colt changed to the "inside lubricated" bullet, they didn't change the gun. They simply made a bullet with a hollow base that would swell and give a gas seal. They also made the brass longer, hence, the name "Long Colt".  The original outside-lubricated bullet accuracy tended to deteriorate rapidly with handling (the organic lube was soft, sticky, and easily worn off). In practice, both versions were similarly mediocre, but accuracy was adequate for the intended purpose -- up close and personal.

Click on our "Recommended Resources" button.  We include a link to Old West molds.  They make crimp dies for heeled bullet cartridges.  

Major diameter   .404"

Minor diameter  .387"

41 Colt 200gr RN Heeled Bullet


We also offer a Hollow base bullet intended for 41 Colt. This bullet is much easier to load and in some instances some guns have cylinder throats that won't chamber the heeled bullet. 



.387" Diameter 196gr

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